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In total, there are 94 banks operating in Belgium (July 2018).

The central bank of Belgium
Aion Bank | Brussels Update: 2022-04-22

Aion Bank (formerly Banca Monte Paschi Belgio) is a subscription-only digital bank with a modern human touch, offering a wide range of services to individual and business customers. Seated in Brussels, it operates under a Belgian banking licence and offers customers fast and convenient ways to optimise savings and expenses in real-time as well as personalised advice through a best-in-class app.
Argenta Bank | Antwerp Update: 2019-08-28

Argenta Bank is a commercial bank that provides banking and insurance services in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Attijariwafa Bank Europe Belgium | Brussels Update: 2020-01-18

Attijariwafa bank Europe SA (Bruxelles) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Belgium.
AXA Bank Europe | Brussels Update: 2022-04-27

AXA Bank Europe is a subsidiary of AXA Holdings Belgium. The Bank offers retail banking products and services in Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. With approximately 2,000 employees throughout the different entities, we accompany 1.8 million customers and implement the OneAXA business model, combining both insurance and banking activities as a response to customers' needs.
Belfius Bank | Brussels Update: 2021-05-31

Belfius Bank and Insurance (formerly Dexia Bank Belgium) offers retail banking and insurance services to households, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. The Bank also provides financial services including capital market solutions, asset management and payment services, fund administration services, and private banking.
Beobank | Bruxelles Update: 2019-10-11

Beobank NV/SA (formerly Citibank Belgium) provides a wide range of financial products and services including mortgages, loans, insurance, investments, retirement plans, credit cards, and online banking.
BNP Paribas Fortis | Brussels Update: 2023-06-18

BNP Paribas Fortis, the no. 1 bank in Belgium, offers the market a comprehensive package of financial services for private and professional clients, wealthy individuals, corporate clients, public entities and financial institutions.
Citi Belgium | Brussels Update: 2019-10-11

Citibank Europe plc, Belgium Branch (formerly Citibank Belgium) is a branch of Citibank Europe plc (Ireland). Citi has done business in Belgium for nearly 100 years.
Dexia | Brussels Update: 2019-10-06

Dexia is a European banking group managed under an orderly resolution plan since the end of 2011. The Belgian and French States own 99.6% of the Group.
Euroclear Bank | Brussels Update: 2021-05-31

Euroclear Bank is the world's largest provider of settlement and related securities services for cross-border transactions involving domestic and international bonds, equities, derivatives and investment funds.
HSBC Belgium | Bruxelles Update: 2021-02-14

HSBC France - Brussels Branch provides a wide range of banking services and financial solutions to large corporate clients headquartered in Belgium as well as regional treasury centres and subsidiaries of multinationals based in Belgium.
ING Belgium | Brussels Update: 2022-04-26

ING Belgium SA/NV (formerly Bank Brussels Lambert SA) services all banking customers with a wide range of financial products. ING services all customer segments: mass retail and Private Banking customers, small and medium sized companies, instititutionals and large corporates. Our product and service offer is reflected in our core business areas being Retail & Private Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Insurance (Life and non-Life).
KBC Bank | Brussels Update: 2023-06-19

KBC Group (KBC Bank) is one of the leading financial groups in Europe. It is a multi-channel bancassurer with a geographic focus on Europe, catering mainly for retail customers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-cap companies. KBC also provides services to corporate customers and engages in selected market activities.
Keytrade Bank | Brussels Update: 2020-04-23

Keytrade Bank SA offers a wide range of financial products and services including online brokerage services to local and international investors, individual and corporate. Keytrade Bank is a part of Credit Mutuel Arkea Group.
MeDirect Belgium | Bruxelles Update: 2022-08-09

MeDirect Bank Belgium provides savings, investments and wealth management products and services. MeDirect Bank operates as a direct bank, without salesmen and offices and all client contact is being handled through the internet, telephone and e-mail. This advantage is shared with MeDirect Bank's clients via attractive rates and low transaction costs.
Nagelmackers Bank | Bruxelles Update: 2022-05-08

Nagelmackers Bank (Banque Nagelmackers SA, formerly Delta Lloyd Bank SA) is a private bank, the oldest Belgian bank in Belgium, founded in Liege by Pierre Nagelmackers in 1747, and the 14th oldest bank in the world. The Bank focuses on individuals and provides a wide network of independent and integrated offices in Belgium.
United Taiwan Bank | Brussels Update: 2019-10-06

United Taiwan Bank (UTB) participates in international syndication loans, invests in various international securities, acts as funding hub of EUR currency settlement for taiwanese banks.

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