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Dear Partners, if you would like to suggest an event to be listed on our website, please fill out the form. is proud to have partnered with more than 10 event management companies worldwide.
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IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition


September 29-30, 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition will be held on 21-22 April 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. IFINTEC is a global conference which is one of the biggest and most important conferences in EMEA region with its focus on Retail Banking, Digital Banking, Core Banking, Payment Systems, Banking Technologies, Banking IT Solutions, Digital Transformation and Finance Technologies. With 850+ attendees, 30+ speakers, 30+ speaking sessions, IFINTEC 2019 Conference was organized very successfully. An intensive participation is expected to the IFINTEC 2020 Conference from Turkey and many other countries. IFINTEC 2020 Conference is an unmissable conference. More

PayExpo 2020

PayExpo Europe

October 6-7, 2020

Venue: The Business Design Centre, London, UK

PayExpo is the most exciting cards and payments event in Europe showcasing the latest in technology and innovation to banks, retailers, gaming groups, government, transport groups and mobile operators. Each year PayExpo Europe attracts over 2,000 senior decision makers from over 45 countries.

SMARTGAGE | Digitising Home Loans


November 5-6, 2020

Venue: Virtual, Web Edition

SMARTGAGE is back again to provide experts from leading banks and non-bank lenders a deep dive into digital solutions enhancing the mortgage processes, and to inspire every participant with ideas & best practices on how to deliver faster, better and more cost-effective service to mortgage customers, across multiple channels. Join this year's exciting WEB EDITION, connecting experiences from Europe and beyond: become part of a growing community that brings innovation and understands how technology is disrupting the whole mortgage value chain!

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