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In total, there are 14 banks operating in Afghanistan (November 2018).

The central bank of Afghanistan
Afghanistan International Bank | Kabul Update: 2019-06-09

Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) is one the leading banks in Afghanistan. AIB is engaged in Commercial, Consumer, Corporate and Islamic Banking activities.
Azizi Bank | Kabul Update: 2018-12-03

Azizi Bank is one of the leaders in banking industry with a pan Afghanistan presence across 31 provinces. The Bank provides a wide range of financial products and services including savings and current accounts, term deposits in Afghani and USD, credit cards, money exchange services, local and international remittance facilities, letters of credit, internet and mobile/SMS banking, among others.
Bakhtar Bank | Kabul Update: 2016-06-07

Bakhtar Bank is the 3rd largest bank in terms of assets, operating according to the best international standards. The Bank provides a wide range of financial products and services including current and saving account, fixed/term deposit, safe deposit locker, electric bill collection, internet and mobile banking, business loans, letters of credit, etc. Bakhtar Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Azizi Bank, the 2nd largest banking group in Afghanistan.
Bank-e-Millie Afghan | Kabul Update: 2018-12-04

Bank-e-Millie Afghan (BMA) is a state-owned bank in Afghanistan. It was the first financial institution established in Afghanistan in 1933. Currently BMA has 15 city branches in Kabul and 21 branches in provinces of Afghanistan.
Maiwand Bank | Kabul Update: 2022-08-17

Maiwand Bank is one of the strongest commercial banks in Afghanistan. The Bank operates as an international commercial banking institution and acts as a strong catalyst for economic growth and business prosperity in the economic reconstruction process of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
New Kabul Bank (NKB) | Kabul Update: 2014-02-16

New Kabul Bank is one of the largest commercial banks of Afghanistan. The Bank is operating and providing services for valued citizens by covering a wide network in more than 110 branches including a technical and supporting office in Dubai with professional and experienced cadre. New Kabul Bank is principal agent for western union Money transfer in Afghanistan. Ministry of Finance is the only shareholder of New Kabul Bank.
Pashtany Bank | Kabul Update: 2018-12-04

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