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In total, there are 28 banks operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan (as of December 2022).

SWIFT/BIC Codes in Uzbekistan
Asakabank | Tashkent Update: 2023-05-30

Joint Stock Commercial Bank Asaka (Asakabank) is the 2nd largest commercial bank by the volume of capital in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Bank, 100% state-owned, provides a wide range of traditional and modern banking services.
Asia Alliance Bank | Tashkent Update: 2021-12-07

Asia Alliance Bank (OJSCB) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Uzbekistan. The Bank has strong positions in all major markets of banking services - lending, operations with securities, foreign exchange, plastic cards, cash management services, market of resources for businesses and individuals.
Hamkorbank | Andijan Update: 2021-03-03

JSCB Hamkorbank is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Uzbekistan. Current customers are representatives of large and small businesses, leading manufacturers of consumer goods and construction companies, telecommunication and transportation companies, trading organizations and representative offices.
InfinBANK | Tashkent Update: 2021-12-07

Invest Finance Bank (InfinBANK) is a universal bank offering a wide range of services to large corporate clients, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual persons.
Kapitalbank | Tashkent Update: 2022-04-23

JSCB "Kapitalbank" is one of the first private commercial Banks in Uzbekistan. The Bank provides checking and savings accounts, online banking, loans, mortgages, money transfers, ATM & credit cards & account related services.
Universal Bank | Kokand city Update: 2023-05-31

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Universal Bank" is a commercial bank, active in retail, corporate and SME banking, and headquartered in Kokand city, Fargona region. The Bank has branches in the Fergana region (Kokand, Fergana, Buvayda), in the Namangan region, in the city of Tashkent and in the Zangiata region.
Xalq Bank | Tashkent Update: 2023-05-31

Joint-stock commercial People's Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Xalq Bank, Halq Bank) is a Government Bank located in Tashkent. It is a full-service universal bank offering the most advanced and favorable services and products to individuals as well as corporates.

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