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American several times robbed the same bank in Florida

The man, who has made no effort to disguise himself, has robbed this same bank three times this year, including Saturday. And he remains unidentified.

"He doesn't say a lot," said Dani Moschella of the Broward County Sheriff's Office. "He handed one teller a bag and said, "Do this now." To the next, he said, "You're to open your drawer and give me everything. I don't want to hurt anybody," Moschella told CNN.

The sheriff's office has released several images of the robber in action. He's been identified by bank employees as the same man who hit the bank west of Fort Lauderdale in February, and again in June.

"It's not too smart ... this is somebody who, for whatever reason, is not worried about being recognized," Moschella said. "He hasn't produced a weapon, but he may be carrying one," she added.

On Saturday, he wore black pants, a black T-shirt, black gloves with a red stripe, and a black hat with red and yellow stripes, according to authorities. He casually went from one teller to the next and told them to place the money into a white plastic grocery bag, before walking out of the bank and then running across the parking lot. He has not produced a weapon or a note, authorities said.

The three bank jobs have netted him thousands, but the sheriff's office won't say exactly how much.

Source: CNN
Date: 05.11.2009 [ID: 241]

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