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On 27 March 2011, China Construction Bank Corporation announced its 2010 operating results. During the year, national macro-economic policies were conscientiously carried out and a strategy of prudent development was upheld. Under effective management, business development was smooth and well-coordinated, service quality was continually enhanced and operating results were excellent.

In 2010, domestic and international financial situations were complicated and volatile. Capitalising on its own development strategy, CCB provided increased financial support for economic and social development as well as livelihood areas. A sustained growth in asset size was achieved. As of 31 December 2010, total assets amounted to RMB10.810317 trillion (unless otherwise stated, the data herein are calculated in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards on a consolidated basis.

The data specified is the data of the Group and is denominated in RMB), up 12.33% from the end of the previous year. Net loans and advances to customers stood at RMB5.526026 trillion or a growth of 17.75% year-on-year. Total liabilities were RMB10.109412 trillion, up 11.53% year-on-year. In particular, deposits from customers grew by 13.42% to RMB9.075369 trillion.

For the whole year, CCB realised profit before tax of RMB175.156 billion, an increase of 26.26% year-on-year. Net profit reached RMB135.031 billion, representing a growth of 26.39%. A moderate increase in interest-earning assets resulted in growth of RMB39.615 billion or 18.70% in net interest income and resulted in a net interest margin of 2.49%. By actively pursuing service and product innovations, net fee and commission income kept on with a healthy growing trend and reported an increase of RMB18.073 billion or 37.61% from the previous year. Return on average assets at 1.32% and return on average equity of 22.61% represented an increase of 0.08 and 1.74 percentage points respectively over the previous year, representing the best performance among all major international commercial banks.

With sustained improvement in asset quality, CCB’s non-performing loan ratio dropped by 0.36 percentage points from the previous year end to 1.14%. With the ratio of allowances to non-performing loans raised by 45.37 percentage points from the previous year end to 221.14%, risk mitigation capability was further enhanced. After the A+H share rights issue, the Bank’s capital adequacy ratio and core capital adequacy ratio were raised to 12.68% and 10.40% respectively, thus strengthening its capital base. With the continued implementation of comprehensive cost management, cost output efficiency was further raised and cost-to-income ratio decreased by 1.79 percentage points to 37.25%.

CCB’s achievements in prudent operations won high recognition in external markets. Over the year, it was acclaimed as the “Best Bank in China” by The Banker in UK as well as FinanceAsia and The Asset magazine in Hong Kong. The Bank’s ranking in the Fortune’s “Global 500” rose to 116th while it topped the banking sector in the list of the “Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands” released by Forbes.

China Construction Bank (CCB)
Date: 28.03.2011

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