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Largest Banks in Europe 2023

The 15 largest banks in Europe by market value

British multinational banking and financial services company HSBC Holdings plc is currently the biggest bank in Europe in terms of market capitalization. The top 15 European banks have a combined market capitalization of more than €690 billion (January 2023).

Rank Company Country Market cap,
EUR billion
Market cap,
US$ billion
1 HSBC Holdings UK 135.2 147.1
2 BNP Paribas France 73.6 80.1
3 UBS Switzerland 62.2 67.6
4 Banco Santander Spain 51.8 56.3
5 ING Group Netherlands 44.7 48.6
6 Intesa Sanpaolo Italy 42.4 46.1
7 Nordea Bank Sweden 38.7 42.1
8 BBVA Spain 38.3 41.7
9 Lloyds Banking Group UK 37.8 41.1
10 NatWest Group UK 33.1 36.0
11 Barclays UK 32.7 35.6
12 Credit Agricole France 32.3 35.1
13 UniCredit Italy 29.0 31.5
14 Societe Generale France 19.4 21.1
15 Swedbank Switzerland 19.1 20.8
Total market capitalization 690.3 750.8

Source: Stock Market Data

Exchange Rates for 20.01.2023: 1 US$ = 0.91938 EUR

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