IXA Crypto Token

IXA TokenNow absolutely everyone can invest in the INFOXIA projects by buying popular IXA crypto tokens. INFOXIA periodically distributes 25% of net profit in stablecoins (USDT, BUSD) to token holders!

INFOXIA Group includes four online projects:
BanksDAILY.com / One of the Oldest and Trusted Bank Directories (since 2007)
ComBanks.com / Global Directory of Digital Banks (since 2014)
INFOXIA.com / Global Business Directory (since 2017)
EstoBit.com / Crypto Exchanges Ranking (since 2019)

Once you buy our crypto token you will become an essential part of the projects. The KEY BENEFIT for IXA token holders is participation in the profit sharing. We create a culture of ownership using modern blockchain technology!

Token Name: IXA
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Blockchain: BNB Chain (former BSC)
Launched: August 1, 2021
Token Tracker: BscScan
Telegram: @infoxia

How to buy IXA tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange with Metamask or Trust Wallet*?

If you want to buy our crypto token in large volumes, please write to us.

More info at infoxia.com

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