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Investments in Digital Projects

BANKS Token Now absolutely everyone can invest in the ComBANKS projects by buying the BANKS crypto token. We distribute 30% of net profit to token holders every quarter!

ComBanks includes the on-line projects:, one of the oldest and trusted bank directories (since 2007);, an online business directory (since 2017);, top crypto exchanges ranked by volume (since 2019).

Once you buy our token you will become an essential part of the projects. Key benefits for token holders:
- payment of dividends (paid quartely);
- tokens buyback;
- 25% discount on advertising packages.

Token name: BANKS
Total supply: 100 million
Blockchain: Waves
Initial price: US$ 0.1
Telegram group: @combanks

📈 You can buy/sell BANKS token on the Waves.Exchange, one of the world's fastest cryptocurrency exchanges.

More info at

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