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X-World Innovation Forum to Explore the New Tech World

The X-World Innovation Forum will be held on April 26-27, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The much-anticipated event will bring together the most innovative high-tech projects from various sectors that have achieved unique results in development and technology, investors and experts in the field to explore the new center of the technological world: Saudi Arabia.

This is a unique, private event that will discuss:
- the latest trends in telecommunications and the latest developments in mobile device manufacturing;
- marketplaces based on blockchain;
- next-generation social networks;
- implementation of human evolution technologies;
- smart cities of the future and explosive technologies in logistics and private transportation;
- the next-gen airliners and the tourism industry change in the MENA region.

The X-World Innovation Forum 2023

Among the attendees are the owners of technology companies and startups, syndicates and family funds, venture funds operating in the MENA market, advisors of technological projects and media representatives.

The X-World Innovation Forum is supported by representatives of the government and accelerators in the MENA region, who will also join the event.

X-World Union Project is an international business ecosystem including 20 outstanding projects in the field of IT, AI, blockchain, telecommunications, and real business.

Innovative companies operating in the fields of telecommunications, social media, artificial intelligence, marketplaces and vertical takeoff aircraft are shaping the future of technology and the birth of a new era of humanity.

Join the full day programme on Day 1 and the networking on Day 2 and learn more about project details, network with like-minded individuals, and meet the founders of the companies.

Date: 22.03.2023 [ID: 378]

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