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European Banks Lead in Cryptocurrency Storage Services

Traditional financial institutions are increasingly willing to provide cryptocurrency custody services to their clients.

Over 125 banks around the world have introduced crypto banking services. Moreover, Europe is the world’s most crypto-friendly region with 55 banks supporting the industry.

What banks are crypto-friendly?

Such banks cater to cryptocurrency enthusiasts by offering tailored services, acting as a bridge between traditional finance and digital assets.

Unlike traditional banks, they recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies, providing features like secure transactions, global accessibility, and investment growth opportunities. Key features include facilitating buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies, along with seamless integration with exchanges.

They also offer additional services like portfolio management, real-time market data, and educational resources. Security is paramount, with robust cybersecurity measures and strict regulatory compliance to protect customers' digital assets.

Popular crypto-friendly banks:

FinecoBank (Italy)
AMINA Bank (Switzerland)
Sygnum Bank (Switzerland)
BankProv (USA)
Solarisbank (Germany)
Bank Frick (Liechtenstein) (CZ)
LHV Bank (Estonia)
DBS Bank (Singapore)

Date: 19.04.2024 [ID: 392]

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