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In the recent "Investment Banking Creates Value" forum and 2010 China Investment Banking Award Ceremony, ABC came up as the major winner among all commercial banks in China.

The awards ABC won include: "The Most Promising Investment Banking (Commercial Bank)"; "The Most Innovative Investment Banking (Commercial Bank)"; "The Best Investment Banking in Bond Underwriting"; and two "Best Bond Underwriting Project".

Ever since the founding of the Investment Banking Department towards the end of 2007, ABC has greatly expanded and innovated its investment banking business at a fast rate. In 2009, ABC underwrote the first medium-term note (MTN) in China and the first MTN for the country's private enterprises. As the first bank in China to launch CDM advisory service, ABC also innovates in bonds, trust, M&A and many other investment banking services. Particularly noteworthy is ABC's performance in bonds-related business, the only line of investment banking business that a Chinese commercial bank is allowed to engage in thus far. ABC's superb bond planning and issuing services are widely acknowledged by customers and regulators.

ABC's two prize-winning bond underwriting projects are collectively issued bonds of Shandong Shouguang medium and small agricultural enterprises (as lead underwriter) and CNPC's MTN in US dollars (as co-lead underwriter beside Bank of China). The Shandong Shouguang project took four months from the planning to underwriting stage. It is among one of the first projects in China to underwrite collectively issued bonds of SMEs, and is also the first underwriting project focusing on agro-related business. Furthermore, the overall capital cost is the lowest compared to other collectively issued bond underwriting projects of the same period, and significant economic and social benefits have already been achieved.

ABC is also the 2009 winner of "The Most Innovative Investment Banking (Commercial Bank)", "The Best Investment Banking in Bond Underwriting" and "The Best Investment Banking in Syndicated Business". ABC is highly acclaimed in the financial community for its investment banking business.

Agricultural Bank of China (ABC)
Date: 05.07.2010

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