Press Release

Rosbank entered Top 20 institutions with the fastest growing banking brands' value. The research was published in Top 500 Most Valuable Banking Brands ranking prepared by the international consulting company Brand Finance in association with the Banker magazine.

By the results of 2012, Rosbank's brand has taken the 241st position in the list by going up 53 points and increasing its value by 73% - to 446 mln USD. Rosbank’s rating was confirmed at "A" level (strong), according to the Brand Finance scale.

The Brand Finance Banking 500 ranking reports have being released since 2006. The assessments are based on the current banks financial results and forecast indicators for the nearest five years, brand geographic coverage, its market share and stability (customers’ attitude to the brand).

"Rosbank's success reflects positive trends that occurred in the bank during the last two years. Rosbank completed consolidation of Societe Generale assets in Russia and now it is the largest financial entity of Societe Generale after France. The rebranding process is at the final stage, signage replacement at 700 outlets all over Russia is under completion. 3000 ATMs are being redesigned. The bank carries out an advertising campaign in accordance with global brand platform of Societe Generale based on the idea of team spirit and partnership. Rosbank is changing, moving to the new system of interaction with customers targeted to build long-term relationships", said Pavel Nefedov, Rosbank Head of Corporate Communications and Advertising.

Date: 07.02.2013

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