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The Bank of Russia is the central bank of the Russian Federation. According to the constitution, the Bank of Russia is an independent entity, with the primary responsibility of protecting the stability of the national currency, the ruble.

The Bank also holds exclusive right to issue ruble banknotes and coins.

The principal goals of banking sector development are as follows:
- increasing the protection of interests of depositors and other creditors of banks;
- enhancing the effectiveness of the banking sector’s activity in accumulating household and enterprise sector funds and transforming them into loans and investments;
- making Russian credit institutions more competitive;
- preventing the use of credit institutions in dishonest commercial practices and illegal activities, especially the financing of terrorism and money laundering;
- promoting the development of the competitive environment and ensuring the transparency of credit institutions;
- building up investor, creditor and depositor confidence in the banking sector.

HQ: Moscow, Russia
Founded: 1990
ID: 212. Updated: 25.10.2022

  • Head office: 12 Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, 107016
  • Phone: +7 (495) 771 91 00
  • Fax: +7 (495) 621 64 65
  • Key people: Elvira Nabiullina (Governor)

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