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In total, there are 18 licensed banks operating in Monaco.

SWIFT/BIC Codes in Monaco
Andbank Monaco | Monaco Update: 2023-04-04

Andbank Monaco S.A.M. (formerly Monte Paschi Monaco) provides consulting services related to investment, structuring asset-management companies and financing real estate.
Bank Julius Baer (Monaco) | Monaco Update: 2020-06-20

Bank Julius Baer (Monaco) S.A.M. (formerly ING bank Monaco) is one the largest banks in Monaco in terms of total assets. The Bank provides wealth management, precious metal operations, investment advisory, structured products, and wealth planning.
Banque Havilland Monaco | Monaco Update: 2020-06-17

Banque Havilland (Monaco) S.A.M. (formerly Dexia private bank Monaco S.A.M.) provides private banking, wealth management, asset management, portfolio management, custody services, and wealth structuring.
Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Monaco) | Monaco Update: 2020-06-17

Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Monaco) SA (formerly Banque JSS Monaco) provides asset and wealth management and investment banking products and services.
Barclays bank plc monaco | Monaco Update: 2020-06-17

Barclays bank plc monaco provides banking and credit solutions, wealth advisory, investment services, and strategic solutions. Our suite of products is fully serviced by the Monaco team with the exception of Wealth Advisory which is supported by a global network of advisors and wealth specialists.
Pictet & Cie Monaco | Monaco Update: 2020-06-18

PICTET & CIE (EUROPE) S.A. (Monaco) offers asset management, wealth management, family office, custody services, and fund services.
Societe de Banque Monaco | Monaco Update: 2020-06-19

Société de Banque Monaco is a new banking player in Monaco and is a subsidiary of Credit du Nord, a French retail banking network.

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