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In total, there are 6 banks operating in Andorra (March 2017).
  • Banks & Banking Groups in ANDORRA
  •  Published: 6
ANDBANK | Escaldes-Engordany Update: 2015-03-11

ANDBANK (Andorra Banc Agrícol Reig, S.A.) is the oldest private bank in Andorra. The Bank provides a wide range of financial products and services including investment fund management, portfolio management, asset management, securities brokerage, and advisory services. Total assets: EUR 4 billion (as of December 31, 2013). Net income: EUR 64 million (2013).
Banca Privada d'Andorra (BPA) | Escaldes-Engordany Update: 2015-03-11

Banca Privada d'Andorra (BPA) is a credit institution that is fully involved in and committed to the economic development of the Principality of Andorra. BPA is the fourth largest bank of the five banks in Andorra. Its shareholders are renowned businessmen and women who play a leading role in the society and economy of Andorra. Total assets: USD 1.79 billion (as of December 31, 2014).
BancSabadell d'Andorra (BSA) | Andorra la Vella Update: 2015-03-11

BancSabadell d'Andorra (BSA) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private, corporate clients, professional groups and associations in Andorra. BSA has branches in Andorra la Vella, el Pas de la Casa, la Massana, Encamp, Sant Julià de Lòria, and also has a wide network of ATMs. BancSabadell d'Andorra, S.A. is a subsidiary of Banco de Sabadell, S.A.
Crèdit Andorrà | Andorra la Vella Update: 2019-02-21

Crèdit Andorrà is a privately owned full-service universal bank, active in private, retail banking, insurance, and headquartered in Andorra la Vella. The Bank provides a wide range of financial products and services including current accounts, debit and credit cards, student and retirement planning, mortgage financing services, cash management, transfer, payroll and bill payment, personal loans, brokerage services for purchase and sale of securities, financial consultancy, and risk management services.
Mora Banca | Andorra la Vella Update: 2018-10-08

Mora Banc Grup, SA is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Andora. Mora Banc is a 100% subsidiary of MoraBanc Group. Total assets: EUR 1.63 billion (as of December 31, 2012). Net income: EUR 44.7 million (2011), EUR 47.8 million (2012).
Vall Banc | Andorra la Vella Update: 2017-04-20

Vall Banc, S.A.U. is a private bank based in Andorra. The Bank provides banking, investments, and wealth management services to high net worth individuals and their families.

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