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Citibank Russia and launch co-branded credit card Travel Agency Chain and ZAO Citibank Russia have launched a new co-branded credit card for consumers in Russia.

The new credit card product allows cardholders to earn a bonus point for every RUB100 spent on purchases with the card. The accumulated points, which have an unlimited lifespan, can then be exchanged for travel vouchers and flights at travel agencies.

In addition, if the card is activated within a month of its issue date, cardholders will earn an extra 500 or 1,000 bonus points, depending on the card type. If the card is used to pay for services, cardmembers will earn double points.

Other benefits attached to the card include an interest-free period for up to 50 days and a revolving credit line of up to RUB300,000, as well as discounts on any travel booked through

Alexandr Komarnitsky, chairman of the board of directors of OAO Turaliance-Holding, said: "The new credit card is certainly the most innovative and desired product in both the travel and banking industries. It will allow you to travel more frequently and with greater comfort; will help you get closer to your dream destination."

Source: Banking Business Review
Date: 07.08.2007 [ID: 66]

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