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Capitalia was an Italian banking group. Capitalia in turn agreed to be taken over by Unicredit in May 2007. All banks of the Capitalia group in Northern Italy will be reconfigured as Unicredit banks; in turn, all Unicredit banks in the rest of Italy will be reconfigured as either Banca di Roma banks (rest of mainland Italy and Sardinia) or as Banco di Sicilia banks (in Sicily only).

Capitalia was formed in July 2002 in a merger of Banca di Roma, Bipop-Carire, and Banco di Sicilia.

HQ: Rome, Italy
Founded: 2002
ID: 294. Updated: 12.10.2016

  • Head office: n/a
  • Phone: n/a
  • Fax: n/a
  • SWIFT: n/a
  • Key people: n/a
  • Company type: n/a

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