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TOP Banks :: Mexico :: Total Assets

The 20 largest banks in Mexico ranked by total assets.

BBVA Bancomer is the largest bank in Mexico in terms of total assets (2012).

Rank Company Total assets,
US$ billion
Balance sheet
1 BBVA Bancomer 108.81 31.12.2012
2 Banamex 92.56 31.12.2012
3 Banorte 70.90 31.12.2012
4 Santander Mexico 61.83 31.12.2012
5 HSBC Mexico 38.99 31.12.2012
6 Inbursa 26.10 31.12.2012
7 Scotiabank Inverlat 17.58 31.12.2012
8 Deutsche Bank Mexico 13.37 30.06.2012
9 Interacciones 9.85 30.06.2012
10 Banca Afirme 7.42 30.06.2012
11 Banco del Bajio 7.12 30.06.2012
12 Bank of America Mexico 6.95 30.06.2012
13 Ixe Banco 6.59 30.06.2012
14 ING Bank Mexico 6.25 30.06.2012
15 Banco Azteca 6.02 30.06.2012
16 BanRegio 5.12 30.06.2012
17 Monex 3.65 30.06.2012
18 Mifel 3.53 30.06.2012
19 Invex Controladora 3.35 30.06.2012
20 Banco J.P. Morgan 3.07 30.06.2012
Source: Interim and Annual Financial Reports
June 30, 2012: 1 USD = 13.3761 MXN
December 31, 2012: 1 USD = 12.9279 MXN

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