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Past Events 2022

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GM Events

February 23-24, 2022

Venue: Movenpick Grand Al Bustan, Dubai, UAE

After the success of the 2019 PPP MENA Forum, which was supported by key PPP units across the region, and featured exclusive updates of PPP project pipelines by the participating countries, the 2nd edition will bring together all the key stakeholders from government entities, PPP units, developers, operators, investors, contractors and financial institutions to discuss pressing challenges facing the sector and exchange ideas on how PPP projects can be fast tracked, best practices for managing contractual issues and innovative funding models for upcoming PPPs.

The events of the last 12 months and counting have shaken the global community to its core, with effects on all sectors around the world, and the economic impact on Public Private Partnerships is no exception. Many regional PPP infrastructure projects have been greatly affected with bid deadlines extended for new projects, ongoing projects facing interruptions in supply chain, and operational projects experiencing considerable revenue generation challenges.

The 2nd PPP MENA Forum will present a great opportunity for all stakeholders involved to come together and truly come up with innovative solutions that will lead to sustainable and resilient PPPs in order to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

13th HED Conference


April 20, 2022

Shanghai, China

In 2021, many economies recovered strongly and usher in record growth rates. As we are entering the third year of Covid-19, economic development will gradually return to normal. What will the economy look like in the post-epidemic era? Global inflationary pressures and monetary policy may also trigger foreign capital outflows, affecting the entire A-share market. In the volatile market, how to seize opportunities in the global market and gain insight into the new economy and new track will become the primary goal of financial institutions.

In order to deeply exchange the direction and strategy of asset allocation of major categories, Finfo Global will hold the "13th HED Conference" in Shanghai on 20th April. There would be over 300 delegates amongst the government, associations, banks, securities companies, futures, asset management institutions, public offerings, private equity funds, asset management technology and other institutions, focusing on topics such as quantitative, fixed income investment, FOF, bonds, asset management technology, etc., discuss the open era of large asset management, various asset management Institutional new development.

6th Wealth Management Summit


April 21, 2022

Shanghai, China

In 2022, the wealth management market will break the rigid payment, realize the true net value of products, and completely return to the origin of the asset management business, which also means the advent of the era of large asset management. Since the promulgation of the new regulations on asset management, the industry supervision system has been continuously improved, and the reform goals such as unified supervision rules and net worth transformation have made great progress, and gradually moved towards a sound development track. What challenges will bank wealth management and trusts face? How to achieve Vision 2035.

With regards to this, the "6th Wealth Management Summit" hosted by Finfo Global will be held in Shanghai on April 21st. There would be over 300 delegates amongst the government, associations, private banks, family offices, family Institutional leaders, independent wealth management companies, asset management institutions and wealth management service providers actively and in-depth exchange views on new changes in China's wealth management market and new developments in wealth management institutions.

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