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7th Annual Funds Transfer Pricing and Balance Sheet Management

marcus evans

September 13-15, 2017

London, United Kingdom

This marcus evans conference will address how banks can create an FTP framework that is both forward-looking allowing it to be used as a commercial tool and drive business, but is also reactive to developing market and regulatory factors. With many regulations, such as the NSFR developing and major market events occurring, banks will want to ensure that their FTP is dynamic enough to adapt to any changes.

Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to:
  • Assess the granularity with which the liquidity buffers should be applied to the FTP framework
  • Understand the insights behavioural models provide for charging accurate retail funding costs to FTP
  • Incorporate the cost of the NSFR into the trading book and accurately price derivates
  • Implement successful balance sheet management strategies that feed into good governance of FTP
  • Create a dynamic FTP tool prepared for major macroeconomic movements
  • Embed the cost of capital under the new standardised approaches for credit, market and counterparty risk into FTP
Learn from Key Practical Case Studies:
  • Barclays explain how much is too much when applying the liquidity charge into FTP
  • Duetsche Bank compare sub-consolidated treatment of LCR costs in FTP to group level treatment
  • ABN Amro show how they use behavioural models to make better decisions for their FTP
  • Unicredit assess how banks can get the most out of FTP
  • SEB set pricing curves in a low interest rate environment
Special offers for members using code CM369-BD when registering for this conference
  • 2 day conference: -£200
  • 2 day conference & 1 workshop: -£250
  • 2 day conference & 2 workshops: -£350
(Not for solution providers and consultants)

Interested? If you feel that you are a good fit for this conference please visit the event website:

For more information simply send an email to

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