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2015 Annual Conference of China Securitization Forum


March 24-25, 2015

Beijing, China

After years of trial and practice, the securitization of credit asset in China has entered a new round of piloting and its role in supporting real economy development has becoming increasingly noticeable. By the end of June, 24 financial institutions have issued 44 rounds, RMB180.3 billion's worth of securitization of credit asset products in the inter-bank market.

By now, the securitization of credit asset has entered the forth round of piloting with a broader scale of issuance, more participants, diversified types of assets, and an innovative mode in deal structure. The subjects are not limited to policy banks or shareholding banks; foreign banks, urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks, asset management companies, financial leasing companies, etc. are also included. The types of assets have been expended from the traditional banker's credit guaranteed loans (borrowers are usually large enterprises) to loans for small- and medium-sized enterprises, collateral security guaranteed loans, refinancing loans by asset management companies and personal business loans.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of auto financing companies have participated in this round of piloting and launched RMB4 billion's worth of auto assets backed security (auto ABS henceforth) and installment auto ABS with credit card as the form. Personal housing mortgage backed securities have reappeared in the market as well.

However, although banks and other financial institutions have ever-greater enthusiasm in participating in securitization and the scale of issuance runs at record levels, deficiency still exists in the securitization of credit asset. As the securitization of credit asset starts comparatively latein our country, the knowledge and attention paid by the market as well as its operative skills have yet to be improved. The scope of underlying assets at present is relatively narrow, the business process is relatively complex, and the participation of investment institutions is relatively simple. Moreover, the scale of the securitization of credit asset is stilllimited and the related institutional investor groups are still to be enriched. These, in turn, affect the market liquidity of the products of the securitization of credit asset. At the same time, under the circumstance of diversified issuers, laws and regulations on the securitization of credit asset need to be enacted to reduce the uncertainty in the exchange.

Against such background, after successfully holding two securitization summits, X-Wisdom will host the 3rd China Securitization Development Summit under China Securitization Forum's great support, establishing the medium for the annual meeting of securitization forum and building the services platform for the projectization of the annual meeting. In this year's summit, participants will share their advice, skills and strategies with professional associations, such as international finance institutes, law offices, stock brokers, fund company subsidiaries, assets management companies, banking giants and other financial services corporations. From this year’s summit, following foreign partners’ experience, we will provide several exhibition booths to facilitate high-efficiency cooperation between project companies and services suppliers. The summit is especially designed for investors, issuers and employees in the industry of securitization of credit asset. The latest developments of the securitization of credit asset in China will also be discussed. In this year’s summit, you can learn not only the latest policy, the direction of the market, the practice and cases, and local innovative mode of the securitization in China, but also the development trends of the securitization of credit asset in the world. Most importantly, you can find real opportunities for cooperation. From 26th to 27th, January, 2015, at Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast, we look forward to your participating in the 3rd China Securitization Development Summit!

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