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Press Release :: Bank of Moscow

Logo Bank of MoscowThe balance sheet profit made by the Bank of Moscow as of 01.08.2010 was 8.5 billion rubles, while the net profit was 6.2 billion rubles. The profit made over the 7 months of 2010 therefore exceeds the profit made over the entire year 2009 by a factor of 3.6.

The assets of the Bank of Moscow (according to the published financial reports) were 875 billion rubles, as of 01.08.2010, having increased by 11% as of the beginning of the year.

The equity capital of the Bank of Moscow (calculated using the method employed by the Central Bank of Russia) had increased by 25% over the period between 01.01.2010 and 01.08.2010 reaching 140.7 billion rubles as of 01.08.2010. The bulk of the increase is to be attributed to the 14th stock issue in the amount of 21.7 billion rubles which was completed in July 2010.

The total amount of raised funds of the Bank’s clients (including other banks’ funds and issued debt securities) was 754.4 billion rubles as of 01.08.2010, which was an increase of 8% since the beginning of the year. This amount includes the raised individuals’ deposits in the amount of 1 74.4 billion rubles.

The Bank’s credit portfolio (on corporate and individual clients) had increased by 14% over the period between 01.01.2010 and 01.08.2010 and was 629. 1 billion rubles as of 01.08.2010.

The Bank of Moscow offers services to its clients via a network of 134 additional offices in Moscow and in a number of cities of the Moscow region. You are moreover welcome to benefit from our services at one of the 474 postal and bank offices in Moscow. As of 01.08.2010 there were 259 offices of the Bank operating in various regions of Russia.

Source: Bank of Moscow
Date: 01.09.2010
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